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Window Screens: Why They’re Advantageous

Window screens are usually made of aluminium, but you can also find them in a variety of other materials, such as metal wire, nylon, or fibreglass. The goal is to have a metal mesh system that is resistant to corrosion and strong enough to withstand high winds and insects or birds hitting the screen. They’re highly beneficial for homeowners because they protect you from a variety of things, such as insects, leaves/debris, and small animals. They can also protect you from the elements; less rain can get inside, though it’s always best to observe the area with the open window to ensure that you don’t soak your furniture or carpet.

Window screens can also help you reduce energy costs. You can leave the windows open to promote airflow. The breeze from outside can get into the house and cool it, allowing you to leave your air conditioning off. Plus, the screening can also promote natural light. The screens don’t necessarily make the home darker, but the sunlight streams inside. You can turn off artificial lights and lamps, which also saves money on the energy bill each month.

At SP Screens, they have many products designed to protect you from the elements, bugs, and intruders. While window screens aren’t necessarily designed for security purposes, you can find security screen options that can still do all the things a window screen can with the added benefit of protecting your home and family. However, if you’re just looking for something to keep bugs out, they have them, as well. They also have a line of fallsafe screen options, which ensures that your children and pets can’t push the screen outward and fall out, possibly injuring themselves. If you’re unsure what you need, you can always talk to the professionals and get ideas or advice.