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Why You Should Choose Canvas Stretching

For those who are unfamiliar with the terms, canvas stretching means that the canvas has been stretched to cover the frame without having to put the piece into a separate frame, though a separate one can be used. In many cases, it is designed to be used instead of frames and will keep the piece tightly bound to the matting. While it isn’t recommended to do this yourself, you can use Amarisco Framing & Mounting, local professionals.

What It Does

The stretched painting or picture can then be hung on the wall without having to use a frame. In most cases, it includes wire or brackets on the back of the canvas, which allows you to hang it anywhere.

A stretcher machine does the work that’s required. While it can be possible to stretch the picture using your hands, it is usually done with a machine to make the process easier, accurate, and quicker. In most cases, the image is stretched over a frame, which is hidden beneath your canvas. You won’t see the frame, but it keeps it sturdy and stable.

Types Of Pictures

It’s amazing what can be accomplished nowadays, and many traditional printers can print images on canvas. You can turn almost any image you have in your albums into a canvas print. If your image is similar to the wall, meaning the outside edges match the wall colour, you may not be able to distinguish between the two, creating a focal point and eye-catching experience to the viewer.

You can also choose to have oil paintings, and other paintings stretched, as long as they’re on canvas backgrounds. Likewise, it works well to ensure that no wrinkles develop and the piece remains beautiful for many years to come.