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Why Consider A Chemical Spill Kit

If you regularly work around or with chemicals, you know how dangerous they can be. You wear protective clothing and have a variety of equipment to keep yourself safe while handling them. You may also have storage cabinets designed for them, but spills can still occur in any workplace.

In these instances, time is of the essence, and you’ll want to have a chemical spill kit on hand and know how to use it effectively. These kits contain everything you need to contain and clean up the spillage, ensuring the safety of your employees, property, and environment.

Your chemical spill kit can contain a variety of items, including neutralising agents (sodium bicarbonate, sodium bisulfate, or sodium carbonate), inert absorbents that won’t react to the chemicals spilled, and personal protective equipment. In some cases, you are responsible for including the PPE, such as aprons, goggles, or gloves. These kits should be placed throughout your facility so that when needed, they’re easy to obtain. You can also find other accessories, such as wheelie bins to make it even faster to grab and get to the site of the spillage.

At EcoSpill, all their kits come with ChemSorb absorbents, Hazchem-grade land socks to contain the perimeter, absorbent mats of Hazchem-grade, PPE, and anti-static disposable bags. They also come with instructions for use. The company also offers training on how to use these kits because when you’re in a rush, you don’t have time to read instructions. You’ll find a variety of sizes, which means you can choose multiple small ones for throughout the facility or one to two large ones if you work with large amounts of chemicals in one location. A chemical spill kit is essential to protect your employees and property and may also be required by the government in your area.