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Wetherill Park Physiotherapy: What Is It?

With Wetherill Park physiotherapy, you will get an evidence-based and holistic approach. This means that the treatment has been proven to be effective, and the physiotherapist will focus on your body’s needs and not just the issue at hand. Physiotherapists can help you manage the symptoms and pain while reducing the amount of medication you must take. They can also help you prevent re-injury and find the cause of the problem. Many times, it will help to alleviate the pain and is much safer than surgical procedures. Generally, you’ll be asked to take physiotherapy before considering more complicated alternatives, such as surgery.

Of course, Wetherill Park physiotherapy uses a variety of manual therapy techniques, as well as massage. These can include cryotherapy, heat therapy, and ultrasound. You’ll also find other options, such as electrotherapy, cupping, spinal traction, bracing, taping, and dry needling. Your physiotherapist is going to focus on prescribing exercise instead of medications. Therefore, you’ll start a stretching and rehabilitative exercise program that will deliver the best results possible. Exercise can help you return to your normal activities sooner and prevent re-injury. That way, you can handle your daily living needs, as well as participate in sports, work, and enjoy social events.

You’ll be much healthier because you can exercise and rebuild your strength when you choose Wetherill Park physiotherapy. At Paramount Physical Therapy, there are a variety of physiotherapists on staff to help you. They can treat a variety of conditions, including neck and back pain, shoulder pain, fractures, arthritis, and much more. At your first appointment, you’ll have a consultation. During this visit, you will get diagnosed with a condition. This allows you to start a treatment plan right afterward. Keep in mind that it is likely to take multiple visits to see and feel results. Visit our website today to book an appointment.