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Water Cartage: Why It’s Essential

Many industries require water to clean machines, run hydraulics and much more. Whether you’re a farmer or work in oil and gas, you are likely to need water cartage that is safe and reliable. To achieve that, most people use polyethylene (poly) tanks.

They are specially formulated to be impact-resistant and UV-stabilised, which means they won’t get damaged by an impact and can be left in the sun without contaminating the liquid inside. Poly tanks are usually best because they are lightweight. Since you probably plan to attach the container to a vehicle or Ute, you want it to be as light as possible to reduce the load size.

Water cartage is necessary for farmers who must water their crops if the Australian weather doesn’t comply with rain. It’s also essential for many industries who run machines. You need to keep them clean from debris so that they don’t break down or require more maintenance later. Some machines require water to run, even if they use diesel fuel or something else to run. Along with such, you need to bring the liquid with you to the work site. You may have machines that can’t be moved or employees who don’t realise they need to fill up the reservoir before heading out to work.

Tank Management Services is an authorised dealer of Rapid Spray products. Most of their water cartage tanks are from Rapid Spray and can hold other liquids, such as fertiliser or chemicals. Most of their tanks utilise the ¾-inch drain bung and appropriate seals, ensuring that you can drain and rinse or clean the tank quickly and efficiently. Plus, each tank has appropriate measurement marks, so you can see how much liquid is still available for use or know when to send it for a refill.