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The Importance Of Urban Search And Rescue In Perth

Urban Search and Rescue, also known as USAR, includes a team of specialists who are capable of locating victims, providing medical help and removing them from their current situation. In most cases, they work to help people who have become trapped or hurt by a collapse of a structure. While Australia has a USAR task force of trained individuals, it may still be important to consider outside help from private companies who also offer these services.

What They Do

Primarily, they focus on people who are hurt, trapped or can’t move from their location, especially when the site is unstable. The team usually includes a variety of personnel, including ambulance specialists, rescuers, trauma doctors, hazardous material techs and more. They can also have firefighting skills and be part of salvage response teams.

They can help those who are trapped in buildings which have collapsed due to explosions, industrial accidents, terrorist activity or natural disasters.

Why They’re Important

Primary, Urban Search and Rescue in Perth is a necessity because most police forces aren’t trained to deal with these types of emergencies, and they may take too long to respond. When people are trapped or hurt, they must be evacuated immediately to ensure their safety.

Parabellum International offers USAR services in Perth and other areas of Western Australia to ensure the safety of everyone. While they primarily handle the oil/gas industries, they can provide their services to any business that requires it.

While it is always important to have a plan in place for emergencies, the plans don’t always work. In some cases, there is very little time to evacuate the building, which can lead to people becoming trapped or harmed. In these instances, it is necessary to have professionals ready to come and rescue you.