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Spill Containment Kits: The Importance

Any facility that houses or uses chemicals and dangerous materials need to have a plan in place for how to deal with spills. You must train your employees on what to do, but you also need the right spill containment kits onsite, fully stocked and ready to go. Both of these things are essential to ensure that you have as safe a working environment as possible. Of course, everyone knows that accidents are bound to happen, but being prepared for them makes you feel a little safer.

Spill containment kits are just part of the overall equation. For one, you need to assess the risks to property and person, choose the right kit, contain the spill, stop the leak, evacuate those who don’t need to be there, decontaminate, and clean up the site. Every company does these steps differently depending on what works best for their environment. The kit you choose should have appropriate cleaning equipment, absorbents, containers, and PPE. Along with such, you should get adequate training on how to use the kit efficiently. That way, you’re more prepared in case of spillage and can react faster instead of having to read the manual and take more time.

At EcoSpill, they make it easy to get everything you need for safety and government regulations. They’ve got a variety of floor bunding options to contain spills, but they also have land socks, safety cabinets, eye-wash showers, and much more. If you’ve decided to consider a spill kit, they’ve got a variety of options available. You can choose between the many sizes and types. Those who work primarily with one source can choose a kit that focuses on that. Otherwise, you may need a specialty kit or general purpose one. Spill containment kits come with everything you need to stop the leak and get it cleaned up quickly.