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Sound Proof Windows Provides You Better Control For The Regulation Of Noise

Most people wish that they could switch off the noises that come from outside their homes. You may live in an area with many school children or have rowdy neighbours that like to blare their music at night or drive around in loud cars. Whatever your annoyance, you may find that upgrading the windows in your home can regulate noise levels.

Construct Your Building

The ultimate way to sound proof the home is to build the building to be that way from the beginning, using a variety of materials that are designed to reduce noise and acoustics. However, most people already own their homes and cannot afford to knock it all down and build a house from the ground up. In these cases, you can still get sound proof features with double-glazed windows from Weatherall Windows.

How It Works

Traditional windows are made with a single pane of glass 3 mm thick. This isn’t enough for noise insulation. While using thicker glass can help, double-glazing goes a step further by offering the most noise regulation.

A double-glazed window uses two sheets of glass that are each 3mm thick. There is a 6mm gap between the windows with a gas or air/vacuum pocket inside. This works to create thermal insulation, but may not protect against noise.

For those who are most concerned with regulating noise, they should focus on double glazing that uses thicker glass, more of a gap between the glass panes and considering laminated glass instead of traditional glass.

Likewise, thicker glass and a wider gap may work best for noises, such as voices while thicker, laminated glass and a larger gap can help to reduce traffic noises, such as loud stereos, horn honking, and loud exhaust systems.