Security Screen Doors: Why They’re Needed

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Screen Store

Regardless of where you live and how polite the neighbours are, you are still likely to be worried about burglary and intrusion. It is quite unnerving to think that your house could be entered while you’re not there to give permission, and it happens quite frequently. Most people focus primarily on alarm systems to alert them of any imminent danger and to scare thieves away, but the best thing to do is to protect your entry points with security screen doors. These doors are different than traditional door options for a variety of reasons, and it can be helpful to learn about them to make a more informed buying decision.

Security screen doors are made of aluminium or steel, and the mesh is also made of such material, depending on the brand. Therefore, they can’t be kicked or cut easily. Even if a burglar does have the tools required to break in, they aren’t going to want to spend that much time to do it. These doors are also energy efficient. You can open the door to let in the breeze. The screened portion keeps out bugs and lets air into the house. It can also allow for natural light, which means you can keep off the artificial lights and air conditioning.

CommandeX offers security screen doors that have highly-tensioned mesh. You don’t need mid-rails, which is quite helpful as they can obstruct your view of the outside. You can also choose from two brands. SecureView includes a three-point locking system while the Xceed brand allows you to purchase it and install it for a separate fee. Both options have a patented fixing system. If the Xceed brand is fitted with the three-point locking system, both products uphold the Security Grade Australian Standard. You can also have a pet door installed to make it easier for your pets to go outside as needed.

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