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Reasons To Have Mercury Spill Kits

Mercury is one of the most dangerous substances to have onsite, but many industries require it to make other products. At room temperature, it is a liquid, and it can cause issues in two ways. For one, the body can absorb it if any skin makes contact with it. For another, the vapours can be inhaled unknowingly. It enters the lungs and the bloodstream, eventually ending up in the central nervous system and attacking it relentlessly. Because it is so dangerous, you should have mercury spill kits onsite in any area that regularly uses the substance.

Mercury spill kits are different from other versions. While all of them have appropriate PPE, absorbents, and other items, these kits also have a dampening spray that prevents the vapours from becoming airborne. It also contains absorbent powders that turn the mercury into zinc amalgam, which isn’t as harmful and allows the substance to be swept up and disposed of correctly. While it is primarily used in hospitals and dental practices, it should be used anywhere that mercury is present and could be spilled. This includes factories, laboratories, schools, refineries, and more. Even those industries that make products to sell may use the substance to create their products.

At EcoSpill, they realise that many people work in dangerous places. It is a fact of life that even routine jobs can use chemicals and harmful substances, so it makes sense that you have a safe place to go to get high-quality products to combat spillage. Mercury spill kits are a specialty because they include products that other kits don’t require. Therefore, it’s best to purchase a specialty kit for that use instead of trying to clean it up with all-purpose or even chemical spillage kits, as these kits aren’t sufficient to protect the health of your employees and the one cleaning up the spillage.