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Reasons To Consider Orthotics In Camberwell

Many people experience foot pain, and most of them believe that they don’t have the right to complain or find out the cause. After being on your feet and working for many hours, it’s natural to experience some discomfort, so most people ignore their pain and let it get worse over time.

While working eight or more hours while standing is considered normal for many adults, the pain that comes with it doesn’t have to be normal. Orthotics in Camberwell can help you walk and stand more comfortably because they keep your foot in the correct position. Along with such, they can offer a bit more support for the heel and ball of the foot.

Orthotics in Camberwell can be pre-fabricated or customised to fit your foot and help with your particular needs. Most people choose drugstore insoles thinking that they will fix the problem, but it is best to go to a podiatrist for a full exam to determine why your feet hurt and what treatments can help. They may prescribe orthotics, but they may also offer stretches and muscle-strengthening exercises to help, as well. The orthotic works by decreasing muscle fatigue in the feet and ankles, which releases pressure on the legs, hips, and back.

At Adept Podiatry, they focus on helping you deal with foot pain and ultimately decrease or eradicate it completely. They start by giving your feet and exam and doing a variety of biomechanical tests to see how your feet perform. They can then offer a variety of treatments to help you build up the muscles in the feet and ankles, reduce pain, and prevent it from happening again. One of the ways they do this is by using orthotics in Camberwell, as they are shaped for your foot and relieve pressure so that you walk and stand more comfortably.