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Places to Read About on Melbourne to Singapore Flights

Melbourne to Singapore flights take approximately eight hours to complete. That gives us ample time to plan what we want to do when we get there. We are spoiled for choice too, thanks to Singapore’s position as a popular holiday destination.

There are numerous top attractions to consider on any trip to Singapore. Which ones would make our list of must-see places to go?

Gardens by the Bay

Known for its dining, shopping, and great views, Gardens by the Bay sits on reclaimed land. Overlooking Marina Bay, the gardens are divided into three distinct sections. Visitors can marvel at the Flower Dome, enter the Children’s Garden, and witness large art sculptures among other things. We can plan our route around the gardens during our Melbourne to Singapore flights.

Visit Sentosa

Melbourne to Singapore flights may give us a glimpse of Sentosa as we prepare to land in the country. This popular island is a holiday destination for many, especially as it boasts some beautiful beaches, great dining options, and plenty of walking trails. The trails include a Nature Discovery trail kids will love.

Universal Studios Singapore

Comprised of seven zones, Universal Studios Singapore is a must-visit attraction for many visitors to the country. We can go on plenty of rides, many based on famous TV shows and films. The park also offers live performances, stage shows, and famous characters to meet.

If we are going to be on a plane for eight hours on our way to Singapore, we should make the best of the available time. By planning some days out to the places mentioned above, we can ensure we maximise the time spent at each location. We may even decide to spend far longer at each one when we know how promising they are.