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Modern Art Framing: Questions To Ask

Artwork can be an excellent investment option if you enjoy collecting paintings and abstracts. However, you also need to ensure that you protect your investment, which is why modern art framing is so essential.

While you could choose a frame from almost any store, they may not have the size you need or other necessities. Therefore, it is best to go to a professional framer, yet they are not all alike. When you are choosing a framer, make sure you know how safe your artwork will be sitting in its frame while you are still at the facility, also where it will be framed.

It is essential that you look around the premises that you choose for your artwork. In this way, you can check and ensure that they have facilities for in-house modern art framing. Additionally, the framer should have security measures in place to ensure that your artwork is safe on their premises while they finish framing it.

Along with such, you should focus on the type of materials your framer uses. Many framers now choose acid-free materials as the acid can break down the paper and cause colour fading. Make sure that the framer offers alpha-cellulose, cotton, or linen mats and specify that you do not want acid used on your paintings or masterpieces.

While at Amarisco Framing & Mounting your artwork is safe and preserved, they will also listen to your needs and desires. They advise on the best products and mounting processes for your artwork. Therefore, you get exactly what you need or get help determining what is best. If you have any questions about a particular piece or have never gone to a professional framer before, they can make the process simple and straightforward. Modern art framing can seem challenging if you do not have someone professional to rely on since there are many factors to consider.