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Kitchen Designs – Understanding Kitchen Layouts And The Work Triangle

When considering the design of your kitchen, it’s important to ensure that the layout is appropriate and provides you with the most efficient work space to prepare meals and other things. Most people have heard of the work triangle but may not understand what it is or why it’s important.

What It Is

The work triangle considered the distance between the refrigerator, oven/range, and the skin. These three areas are all focal points in the kitchen, and you likely use them frequently when cooking or baking. When done properly, you will have an effective area in which to cook and prepare food.

It is meant to reduce the number of steps you must take between all three areas when cleaning up, preparing and serving. In most kitchens, you should have about four metres between the sink, range, and the refrigerator, but no more than eight metres. Likewise, the leg of each triangle shouldn’t be more than 1.2 to 2.7 metres in length.

When considering the work triangle, it’s also important to factor in the aisles (space between appliances, tables, etc.) to ensure that everyone can move about comfortable and appliances can be opened without knocking into things. Approximately one metre should be given on all sides of appliances and tables/chairs to ensure that others can move freely.

Floor Plans

You’ve got multiple options when considering the layout. For example, L-shaped, double L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens are all appropriate, as well as the G-shape, I-shape, and galley-style. Depending on the space you have for your kitchen, the layout must be appropriate. For example, galley and I-shape styles are perfect for tiny spaces while double L-shapes and U-shapes work well for extremely large kitchens. Professionals like Business Name can help you determine which layout is best and what will work for your home.