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If You’re Not Sleeping Well: You may Need A New Mattress

If you find that you wake up in pain or feel more tired in the morning, your mattress could be to blame. It’s time to get a different one, which can be difficult for some. Many people continue to sleep on their old mattresses because they’re afraid of going to the store or going online in search of something new. If you’re like this, you may find comfort knowing that many stores, including Save a Lot Beds, make it easier for you to buy and get what you need.

When To Get

It is usually recommended to get a new mattress every seven to ten years. Some mattresses are designed to last long, such as memory foam and Tempur-Pedic, but if you have trouble sleeping or wake up in pain and your mattress is over five years old, it’s time to replace it.

What To Choose

If you haven’t been shopping for beds in seven to ten years, you may experience slight shock when you learn about all the options available. You’ve got memory foam, inner springs, pocket springs and more. Three primary types include springs, memory foam and air-filled. Memory foam is designed to conform to the body, which eases pressure on the joints and can cradle your body appropriately throughout the night. Springs and coils can seem like a no-brainer, but you do have options with them, as well. Individual coils are now available, which move freely from others to provide you better support.


Likewise, when you notice that sleep evades you or doesn’t stay with you and a new mattress is needed, you’ll probably focus on the price more than anything. Some companies offer warehouse-style prices, which means you get the same name-brand items for less. It allows you to get what you need without overpaying, ensuring that you are happy with your new purchase.