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Eliminate Termite Control – Regaining the Forts Taken By the Termites

Termites are a type of eusocial insect that can be found gnawing through wood at a rapid rate. These wood-loving critters are to blame for millions of dollars’ worth of structural damage in residential and commercial properties around Australia every single year, not to mention the rest of the world. Although termites have been a part of the planet’s ecological system for millions and millions of years, this is not to say that you cannot deal with them effectively. With a typical colony having around 2,500 members, it’s essential that you pay to eliminate termite control from a trusted team, such as Pink Pest Services team of experts.

Spotting the Signs of Termite Infestations

The sooner you are able to notice a termite infestation, the less expensive the repairs will be and the easier it will be for someone who specialises in eliminating termite control services to perform the job. Some signs you should look out for (and call for help if you notice) include the presence of tunnels in wooden structures, dust from gnawed wood and piles of wings, which termites shed when they reproduce.

Facts about Termites

Being aware of some basic facts about termites will ensure that you do not miss the signs of an infestation. Did you know that there are lots of species of termite? Common species include drywood, dampwood and Subterranean termites. The West Indian drywood termite is Australia’s most invasive type, so you can guarantee that an excavator can deal with this species.

Hiring a Pest Control Specialist

Although you will find a lot of products that claim to eliminate termites for good, this could be a time-consuming, tricky and not very reliable task if there is a big colony in your property. A pest control specialist will offer chemical and non-chemical solutions. The team should also be insured to perform excavation services.