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Dentist In Chatswood: Root Canal Therapy

A tooth is comprised of an outer layer of enamel, and under that is the dentin, which covers the pulp chamber. Running through the centre of the pulp chamber is the root. Depending on the specific tooth and its anatomy, it can have up to four canals. Molars generally have multiple roots while incisors and cuspids have one.

If a tooth is badly decayed or impacted, the tooth nerve may become infected. Should this happen; the solution is root canal therapy. Normally, it takes two visits to the dentist in Chatswood to complete the therapy, but it is not unusual for more appointments to be necessary. The priority is to combat the infection; the dentist will prescribe a course of antibiotics before beginning the procedure.

The dentist in Chatswood will start by taking a series of X-rays. Using these images as a guide, the dentist will drill through the enamel, dentin, and pulp to locate the affected nerve. Using a series of small instruments, the root, along with any diseased tissue is extracted. As the procedure can be quite lengthy, many patients prefer to be sedated using harmless nitrous oxide, often called ‘laughing gas.’ As the procedure progresses, the dentist may take additional X-rays; it is imperative that all the nerve and diseased tissue be eliminated. Once the dentist is sure that the root canal is perfectly clean, the hole is packed with a rubber type sealing material and a crown.

In the past, the only solution for an infected tooth would be to extract it. This is no longer the case. Dentists at No Gaps Dental can now restore a tooth back to its original condition. There is no need for a crown or an implant. Your dentist in Chatswood employs minimally invasive treatments to make the procedure as pain-free as possible.