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Dental Teeth Implants Have Many Benefits

Dental teeth implants are considered one of the best solutions for tooth loss. While it is always best to try and save your teeth when possible, you might not be able to. Instead of walking around with a gap in your smile or worrying about slipping dentures, an implant covers the space and is permanently rooted in the jawbone.

The implant itself cannot fall out, and the abutment and crown should last for years if taken care of properly. Almost everyone who has lost a tooth or many teeth are candidates, even teenagers, and young adults.

Dental teeth implants have many advantages. For one, they look and behave like natural teeth. You have full chewing power, and they are just as strong or stronger than natural teeth. You can brush and floss without fear, as well. With dentures, you must remove the full set and soak them overnight.

You can’t floss between the faux teeth because it is one solid unit. An implant can also prevent bone loss in the jaw. Having an empty space with no tooth or root forces the jaw to relax slightly. There are no stimuli, which means the bone deteriorates. Because of the deterioration, your teeth could shift over time, as well.

At National Periodontics they have served Australia for over 35 years. They have three locations available, making it convenient to visit the one closest to your work or home. Along with such, they help you feel comfortable and welcome. Their services are plentiful and include periodontics, cleaning and preventative care, as well as dental teeth implants. Whether you lost your teeth from periodontal disease or from an accident or trauma, they can help you restore your smile and have a healthy, full set of teeth again, ensuring that you can eat and laugh comfortably.