Dental revolution: pain-free advances in dentistry

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Dental Care

Perhaps it is just a fear of the unknown but for many people the thoughts of a dental appointment are enough to put them off seeking the care they need. Perhaps in the past there was a good reason for fearing a dentist; having a filling or having a tooth extracted was painful. Today there is a dental revolution; pain free advances in dentistry at Hills Dental Care now make a dental appointment something to look forward to rather than dread.

There are many advances in dentistry:

There has been an absolute revolution in dental technology as well as procedures. Today it is not uncommon for a dentist to employ oral as well as IV sedation, there are even ways to anesthetise the site where the dental procedure will take place; no longer is it necessary to use a needle, a recently introduced patch that is applied to the gum is expected to replace the needle or at least numb the site so that a painless injection can be given.


One of the major causes of fear is a past experience. These patients have had a bad experience in the past and as a result dental instruments and procedures are frightening. The solution is sedation.

Sedation is quite simple, there are four accepted ways that the dentist can go about it:

  • Inhalation of a gas (Nitrous Oxide)
  • Ingesting medication in pill or syrup form
  • Injection
  • Intravenously

Nitrous oxide: This is usually referred to as “laughing gas.” This is ideal for use with children that are mildly anxious about going to the dentist. It relaxes the patient but the effects are mild. The gas dissipates from the body quickly, the patient is awake and can interact with and follow directions given by the dentist. Once the gas supply is turned off, the patient returns to normal quickly with no after effects.

Oral sedation, injection and intravenous sedation are used depending on the treatment, the anticipated length of the procedure as well as the perceived anxiety level of the patient.

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