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Dental Implants In Parramatta: The Benefits

While most people hope that they keep their natural teeth throughout their lives, many people do find that their teeth become dislodged, decayed, or otherwise must come out of their mouth. When that happens, you need to consider a replacement option to keep your smile intact and help reduce your risk of teeth shifting or losing bone in the jaw.

Dental implants in Parramatta are the perfect solution because they help with all three. While bridges do bridge that gap and can prevent shifting teeth, they don’t do anything to stimulate the jaw, which means you can lose most of your bone mass in the mouth. This causes a sunken appearance and may alter your face shape.

Dental implants in Parramatta are also superior to dentures. They look more natural and match the surrounding teeth well. While dentures can be used for one or more missing teeth, they can alter the other teeth you have. Along with such, they don’t do much to stimulate the jaw, which ensures that you will lose bone mass as you age. Making it worse, dentures are too difficult to keep in the mouth. While partials usually have a firm fitting, full-row dentures slip and slide and require you to use messy adhesives. In some cases, the adhesive doesn’t work for extended periods, which could lead to your teeth falling out while talking or eating.

At No Gaps Dental, they believe that everyone has the right to affordable dental care. They understand how challenging it can be to get to the dentist and they make you feel welcome each time you visit. Therefore, you’re better equipped to handle the noises and listen to their advice and recommendations. If you require dental implants in Parramatta, it is available as one of their services so that you can feel more confident about your smile.