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Dental Implants In Liverpool: The Benefits

If you’ve lost a tooth (whether recently or in the past), you may be wondering about tooth-replacement options. These can include bridges, dentures and more. With a bridge, the surrounding teeth must be altered, usually by grinding them or shaving them down so that they can support the device.

Most dentists do not recommend this procedure, though it is available and most of them will do it. Similarly, dentures used to be a popular choice because it was less expensive and didn’t require alterations. However, partial dentures must use surrounding teeth to support the device, as well. Dental implants in Liverpool are now considered the best alternative because they don’t require making changes to other teeth and are permanent.

Dental implants in Liverpool have three components, including the post, abutment, and crown or cap. The post, also called an implant screw, is surgically placed into the jaw bone. Once it heals, the abutment is screwed into the implant, causing some of it to stick up out of the gum so that the crown can be put over it and stay secured. With such a procedure, you can prevent your teeth from shifting over and preserve your jaw bone, as well.

At No Gaps Dental, they can help you whether you’ve lost one tooth or many of them. Their team are highly experienced and trained in implant work, but they also keep up with all the latest technology and techniques, ensuring that you get the best dental work possible. If that weren’t enough, you can also choose sedation dentistry, which puts you in a relaxed state so that they can work more efficiently without you being fearful of all the sounds. Dental implants in Liverpool are an exceptional choice for those who dislike their other options.