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Dental Implant Costs – Buy A Future With Smiles

Many people want to know the costs associated with dental implants, but they can vary widely. In some cases, the jawbone of the patient isn’t enough to secure the implant, which requires bone grafts before the implant can be inserted. Those with healthy, more solid jawbones may not have such high a cost, though if teeth must be removed first, you may incur more fees to finish the job.

The Procedure

At National Periodontics, the process is quite simple, though it does take time. An exam is required, and sometimes a CT scan is necessary, as well. The surgeon must determine how much bone you have and whether it is healthy and strong enough for the implant. Then, they will insert a titanium implant rod into the gums. If you only have one missing tooth, the process is much easier than if you have multiple or all teeth gone.

After three to six months of healing time, you can return to the dentist, who works to elevate the rod so that it is over the gum line and prepare artificial teeth to place over the rods. Dental implant costs will cover the entire procedure, from start to finish. However, you may require pain medication, which is not part of the overall cost of the implants. Your insurance may or may not cover the pain reliever medication, or you may be able to use OTC varieties.


The instant dental implant is a new advancement on the procedure, which reduces the time it takes for your implant to function adequately. A temporary crown is inserted onto the rod the same day, and also uses an expandable rod. This can save you 50 percent of the recovery time, but may not cost much less and isn’t suitable for everyone.