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Dental Crown In North Ryde: Benefits

Are you self-conscious about a missing or damaged tooth? Your smile is one of the most important features because people always see it first. It’s your way of showing that you’re happy, appreciative, and in the moment. However, when you’re missing a tooth or it’s damaged significantly, you choose not to smile often or hide behind your hand. That can make you appear standoffish. If you’re in this situation, a dental crown in North Ryde might be beneficial. For one, crowns are aesthetically pleasing and can hide unsightly problems. However, they’re also practically invisible; no one has to know it’s a faux tooth.

The dental crown in North Ryde can also help with chewing support. When a tooth is broken or missing, that’s the biggest issue. The other teeth have to work harder to grind the food properly, which could mean that they end up damaged, as well. The material used to make the crowns are stronger, so you can eat the foods you want. Of course, they are there to cap the tooth or dental implant, which means it fits over that tooth and is glued into place. Existing teeth with decay or cracks can get extra protection to prevent future damage.

North Ryde Macquarie Park Dentists provides many services to its clients. Of course, routine cleanings and general care are available, but cosmetic treatments are also offered. If you need a dental crown in North Ryde, your teeth might have significant stains or may be damaged or missing. Instead of living with embarrassment, you can cover that particular tooth and still be able to smile and laugh. Of course, it can also add strength and protection to the mix, as well. Consider talking to Dr Stephen De Bruyn at the office about your needs and treatment options or book an appointment online.