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Dental Bridges In North Ryde: Benefits

Dental bridges in North Ryde are a restorative procedure. It usually includes two crowns that are placed on implants or abutment teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. It also has a pontic, which joins the crowns to fill the gap. You can find a variety of materials for the bridge, such as silver, gold, and porcelain. Most dentists use porcelain, though you can ask about other materials. A bridge can offer a variety of benefits, such as the fact that your missing tooth is replaced, which provides aesthetic benefits and functional ones, as well.

Dental bridges in North Ryde can improve the functionality of the tooth. You can chew your food correctly without pain and eat normally, which means you don’t have to contort your mouth in odd ways to eat. It can also help your speech impediment if the problem started after you lost the tooth. For one, the placement of the tongue is correct once more, which can help the sounds come out clearer. Of course, the primary reason people like bridges is that it hides the gap in the smile. People can’t tell that you’ve lost a tooth, which means you can smile freely without worrying about covering your mouth or being embarrassed.

North Ryde Macquarie Park Dentists offers dental bridges in North Ryde. Dr Stephen de Bruyn focuses on helping you decide which procedure is right for you, as there are many options for tooth replacement. If a bridge is most appropriate, he only uses local laboratories, which stimulates the local economy. Along with such, the highest-quality materials are always used, so you don’t have to worry that the product will fall apart or not last as long as it should. Plus, the dentist focuses on matching the crown to the rest of your teeth, ensuring that they look natural.