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Are Flashy Car Rims Just A Guy Thing?

When viewing advertisements for wheels and tyres, flashy car rims may seem more like a guy thing. Websites are generally geared toward a more masculine audience because, in the past, only men seemed to care about such things. For one thing, many adverts have beautiful women on vehicles, loud and pounding music with a beat and other things geared toward men.

Guys And Rims

Usually, men don’t care much about shopping. Most women remember planning their wedding with no help from the guys. Likewise, men don’t like to shop for groceries and other necessities, but when it comes to their ride, they may spend hours searching for the perfect thing and most don’t care how much they have to spend.


If you spent the time to ask friends, family, associates, and co-workers about spending thousands of dollars on flashy car rims, the men would be likely to say they would as long as they looked good on the vehicle. Women are more likely to scoff and wonder if you’re serious, all while vehemently shaking their heads. Marketing stats show that almost 90 percent of those who shop at places like Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart are men, though some women do have the desire for flashy car rims and making their rides look their best.

The Wheel Rim And Shoes

If you look at flashy car rims as you would shoes, you may get a better understanding of the need and necessity. Shoes are necessary to prevent injury and keep your feet safe. While functional ones are fine for some, most people want the more expensive brands and features. The same can be said of the wheel rim, as they do have a functional purpose, but can look great in the bargain.