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Anxiety Counselling: Does It Help?

When most people think of counsellors and therapy, their initial question is does it work and can it help them. While these questions are valid and should be discussed with your therapist, the only way anxiety counselling can help you is if you’re willing to let it. You have to be open to listening to the counsellor and applying what you learn. If you do these things, then, yes, therapy can help you overcome your anxious feelings. However, it’s not a cure, and you may need to take medication or have other treatments alongside counselling to get the best effects.

Anxiety counselling can help you if you worry excessively, cannot control or reduce your anxious thoughts through other methods, or always feel nervous. Many times, people confuse anxiety with a heart attack because it can feel like your muscles are too tight, you can’t catch your breath, or may even feel like you have chest pain. Therefore, the most common thing to do is go to hospital or talk to your doctor. If nothing is wrong with your heart, they’re likely to recommend counselling and other treatments. The goal isn’t to over-medicate but to help you deal with your emotions and stress level to prevent more issues from coming about later.

From 2 to 3 can help couples who are severely anxious. You may have just started a new job, decided to start a family, or find yourself pregnant. While these situations can be exciting, they can also be highly stressful. While stress is key to keeping yourself away from scary situations, too much of it can cause body pain, fatigue, and more serious consequences. Anxiety counselling can help you learn about ways to relax the mind and body so that you don’t stay so tense and worried all the time.