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Aluminium Slat Gates: Benefits

If you want to compliment the clean, contemporary looks of your home, nothing does it better than aluminium slat gates. Gates manufactured from lightweight, but extremely strong aluminium are readily available in a host of different colours.

As the finish is a long-lasting epoxy powder coat, time-consuming and expensive maintenance is a thing of the past. The slats are close enough together to keep out unwanted visitors but not so close as to stop the breeze; the design allows just a hint of the garden that lies behind it but does so in style.

There are numerous benefits to aluminium slat gates. They can be produced to any size from a small pass gate leading into the garden to a doublewide gate for your driveway. As most slat gates are used in conjunction with slat fencing, the slats normally run horizontally, but they can also be made with vertical slats. Regardless of the slat direction, the gaps can be increased or decreased to suit. The gates are available in a wide variety of colours. If you like the look of wood but want the benefits of aluminium that is no problem with these gates.

The Xcell range of gates is available from SP Screens. The gates are fully customisable and available in almost any size. If you want to ensure maximum privacy, then lightweight, easy to operate gates made from aluminium slats is the ideal approach. Unlike other products, the Xcell design is sleek; there are no obtrusive screws showing to break up the smooth, uninterrupted look. All the components used have been subjected to rigorous tests and, as all the components and accessories are high-strength, the gate will last for many years. SP Screens is proud to provide superior quality aluminium slat gates at competitive prices. Contact the company today for a free measure and quote.