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Adding New Double Glazing to Your Property

What do you know about double glazed windows? Most property owners are aware of the fact that they have become the number one choice of window on commercial and residential homes in the past, but not many people actually know the specifics. Designed with two panes of glass that are separated by a protective layer of gas which stops heat from escaping, double glazing could cut your energy bills in half and make you feel more comfortable in your own home. Should you be thinking about hiring someone from Central Glass to fit these windows for you, take a moment to feed your knowledge about the benefits.

Reduced Light Usage

If you use artificial lighting to illuminate certain areas of the home on a regular basis, double glazing will be a good investment. The reason for this is because despite the fact that these windows have two panes of glass and not just one, they still allow the sun’s rays to enter the home, creating a brighter atmosphere. If it gets too bright, simply pull back the drapes or use shutters to block out unwanted UV rays.

Cut the Cost of Bills

A layer of gas separates the two panes of glass on double glazed windows and it is this layer of gas that prevents heat from escaping and cold air entering. Effectively, the cost of your monthly energy bills could lower once you hire a window fitter for the job. What’s more, the air conditioning (or heating) system in your home won’t have to work as hard to create a comfortable living environment.

Less Condensation

It can be a task trying to maintain a nice temperature in the home if there is condensation build-up. Condensation can actually freeze if the temperature outside gets too cold and this can affect the interior temperature. Double glazing will restrict heat exchange, thus lowering the chances of water vapour condensing.